Saturday, January 12, 2008

Souvenirs of The Heart

Things I can't let go of:

A mix CD
A Keeneland magnet
Two kind text messages
A Garbage tape
A Halloween party photo
Ticket stubs to several Reds games
Long Black Veil
A picture from the night we kissed on New Year's Eve
A poem about gold and silver
A nickname
The one trivia game when I kicked his ass
Our band Euchre Party
That hug
The scar on his forearm
Hotel California on the beach
A snapshot taken steps away from the dugout
A playlist with all their songs
An Aspen baseball cap
A red vase from when he gave me flowers
A myspace page
The night we swam in three downtown fountains
A stub from the Diana exhibit
When he unbuttoned his shirt to let our skin touch
Chinoe Pub
Sweet Caroline
A Hawaiian print shirt

1 comment:

Denae said...

Tears in my eyes reading this - relationships always leave crumbs behind that are so hard to brush off. But that's okay. We can save them for later.