Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Spot Along The River

My family is not afraid of the morbid.

We throw out mentions about pieces of furniture we want when the parents are gone. We casually reveal a nuance we want included in our Funeral Mass service.

Over Thanksgiving we had a discussion about where we would want our ashes spread if our bodies were cremated. Now, I'm not down with the whole cremation thing, only because I don't want to be left in an urn on somebody's mantle. And the Catholic church still isn't giving a green light to the spreading of ashes - so right now I'm sticking with the traditional burial - complete with a mahogony or cherry casket (nothing that looks like it was made along side a Buick.)

For the sake of playing the game, though, I mulled over the possibilities before committing to anything. It turns out my sister, Bridge, knows me better than I thought.

"London!" she cried out as we sat around her living room with our wine glasses full of Chardonnay.

I thought about it silently and then nodded, yes indeed, London is one place I'd like to haunt for all eternity.

It's kind of romantic when you think about it.

A fresh spirit roaming amidst the mist along the Thames. A soul soaking in all of the history that came before it, a soul delighting in all the progress that came after. I already know the spot - that riverwalk right behind the Tower of London. It's such a great spot to see families enjoying photo ops of Tower Bridge, and I know my soul would love watching those young world travelers getting their first taste of wanderlust.

I got to thinking about my family and our macabre discussion after listening to Rick Steves latest podcast. The edition talks all about Britain's crown jewel, including off-beat places to visit to see the town the way native Londoners do, and also the littany of free things available to tourists looking for a break from the brutal exchange rate.

My visions of London made me hungry for the sound of Big Ben - thankfully the BBC has put those chimes online for all the world to admire.

Oh, how I'm yearning for some hot, roasted chestnuts.


WestEnder said...

Cremation for me, no question. I want a huge bonfire, fireworks, a band, and maybe a nice finger-food buffet.

And keep in mind the church has been slow to come around on a lot of things.

And they can turn your ashes into a diamond now for about $25k.

Denae said...

Come along to London, doll. The BA London Eye is now lit up in red for V day. haha.