Sunday, February 10, 2008

After And Before

Legend-in-the-making Amy Winehouse will perform live at the Grammys tonight despite some hiccups involving the U.S. Embassy.

The via satellite performance comes after authorities initially denied Winehouse's request for a visa to come to the United States. Her reps say the U.S. Embassy in London agreed to grant a visa after talks with Winehouse's people. Unfortunately the visa was not granted in time for Winehouse to make arrangements for the trip across the pond, so the show will go on thanks to a very big satellite in the sky.

Don't tell Winehouse, but I think the hesitation on the visa was in part because of a U.S. law that forbids our nation from having more than one out-of-control pop star at any time.

We'll let the Rehab dodger come over once our current pop implosion gets her act together (aside: does anybody else think it is very Dickensian that one of the people in charge of Britney's finances goes by the last name of Wallet?).

Amy looked so beautiful before she dove nose first into drug addiction.

You can check out the Twiggy version of Winehouse tonight on Local 12 (or your own local CBS affiliate) at 8 pm.

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