Thursday, February 07, 2008

This N' That

For a long time I said I was too afraid to buy any property.

It's scary stuff when you're used to paying your monthly rent and having someone take care of the maintenance for you - like the freaky, leaky, mushroom-inducing radiator of my current apartment. Well, last weekend a friend unexpectedly stayed over and I decided it was high time I get a place I can feel proud of. I start a three-week home ownership class tonight and am shooting to own a condo by September.

OTR, baby. OTR.


From extreme planning to spontenaiety - I bought a random plane ticket yesterday. I'm traveling from Columbus to Hartford for a grand total of drumroll, please $36 - round trip. I've been dying for a trip to plan and this is just enough to help me get out those ya-yas... I've never taken a trip completely by myself - but I am visiting familiar territory (Madison, CT; Block Island, RI; Boston) so I'm not worried - I think a solo trip to New England could be a blast.


I'm excited about a new service opportunity. Over a week ago I had a great meeting with two reps from the Council on Child Abuse. The organization is adding some new members to its Board of Trustees - it sounds like such a grown up kind of thing to do but I am excited about how I can help the organization and the people who benefit from its initiative.


One day in to Lent and I am pushing myself to stick with my sacrifice. I am spending 30 minutes every day cleaning my apartment - hopefully this will make a dent in my little hovel.


How rude is it to intentionally ignore someone?

I had dinner out with a friend and her boyfriend Tuesday night (Allyn's Cafe has the best margaritas in town) and immediately noticed Irish. Luckily we grabbed a table on the other side of the dining room, but unluckily I was seated directly facing this man from my past. I was hoping he wouldn't notice me (especially since this was the second time I'd seen him sans date). The threesome at our table drank and ate and were engrossed in animated discussion, and so when he slowly swaggered by with his sweet young thing I elected to ignore him.

It made the moment just a *tiny* bit less painful.


Run - do not walk - to Bodies: The Exhibition at Cincinnati Museum Center. I was lucky enough to enjoy a free media preview of the exhibit last week, and I am STILL raving about it. Don't think of it as looking at carcasses preserved in plastic, revere it as scientific testiment to the wonder of the human body.

Yeah, it's $23 bucks a ticket, but it's totally worth it. And if you're making a day of it, I suggest you grab a bite BEFORE checking the exhibit out.


This video made me cry this morning - it could be pride and inspiration... or I could be overly emotional this week.

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Me! said...


IF you decide to look into ownership more, I actually work as a secretary at a real estate office on weekends. Re/Max Unlimited on Tylers Place in West Chester. #777-5573 I work with a lot of fantastic realtors and there are TONS of condos on the market for great prices due to the economy. It's the perfect market for first time homebuyers. :-) And the rates are low!! I'll be in my first house a year this month and I've never regretted a single moment of it. Well, except raking leaves. haha