Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I skipped out on a YP happy hour tonight.

I was supposed to go to this bar to meet some new people who dig volunteering just as much as I do. As much as this Irish girl loves celebrating her heritage at a pub with a pint of Guinness or Harp (or whatever), I just couldn't bring myself to go through the motions of the hellos, oh reallys, and what do you do?s that come with meeting strangers.

I just didn't have it in me tonight.

Instead, I went home, changed my MySpace profile pic and threw on the ol' yoga pants. This was of course after having my own personal Rhythm Nation to Janet's newest song, of which I cannot get enough.

(aside: I know ending sentences with a preposition is a cardinal sin, but really, sometimes it sounds way more conversational - don't you agree?)


I am now trying to talk my brain into putting on a sports bra (actually two, if you must know) and heading to the gym that I haven't been to since November. I know they aren't going to pick me for Member of the Month anytime soon but today is just as good a day as any to revive a workout routine... right?


Tomorrow I've got a reception to attend for the Council on Child Abuse. We are celebrating a new Ohio state law that goes into effect Friday. Claire's Law makes ours the first state in the nation to track shaken baby injuries and deaths.

The law is named after a girl who survived an occasion when she was severely shaken by her babysitter. Today Claire is a third grader at the same elementary I attended a million years ago. She's overcoming the lasting effects left behind by Shaken Baby Syndrome.

It's amazing to think some people can become so frusrated with a crying infant.

Even more amazing is the idea that we must educate people on the dangers of severely shaking small children.

I am proud to be a part of this initiative to help keep children safe and happy.


After tomorrow's reception it's dinner time and that means catching up with Ground Chuck. A couple months ago he and I discussed having dinner each month at a different spot. I think GC is just as passionate about good food as I am, and it's fun to grab a bite with someone out of my normal social circles. It's funny - GC and I have a bit of history that led to a bit of an icy situation between the two of us a couple years ago. But now things are quite normal (or at least as normal as they can be) and I actually look forward to our monthly excursions.

It's funny how time can heal wounds and restore relationships, isn't it?

Ground Chuck and I are checking out Nada tomorrow night. I am so so anxious to try this place. I almost went there for drinks a couple of weeks ago (the fiasco night) and have heard a lot of hype from several of my friends. I can't wait to try the guacamole and David Falk's other tender morsels. That reminds me of a story I need to blog about... but that's a tale for another time (read: foreshadowing).


My schedule was in the clear Friday until somebody mentioned the idea of karaoke.

I have a weakness for singing to a bunch of strangers in front of a microphone, so naturally I committed to the outing.

My brother-from-another-mother Double Platinum and I like to play a funny game we call Kamakaze Karaoke - it's when we sign each other up for songs without revealing what they are. Essentially you don't know whether you're going to be singing Shania, Neil, Lionel or Stevie until you're name is called and the intro starts playing.

Dangerous? Yes.

Delicious? Definitely.

This photo pulled from the archives accurately depicts the kind of hi-jinks Double Platinum and I are known to explore when left to our own devices.

We've never been to Tostado's before. Hopefully it's just as fun as the Speak Easy and not as scary as Bobby Mackey's.


Unknown said...

My main comment is that you misspelled "Kamikaze." That will be $0.10 (in addition to the DJ, I'm also the copy editor). Also, I think I look younger in that picture - I like it.

Denae said...

Ending a sentence with a preposition is no longer a cardinal sin - unless you are old school, controlling, unable to accept change and on a high horse. In some instances a prep at the end of a sentence is more conversational and that's what the 'people's journalism' is supposed to be.

How can you say Bobby Mackey's was scarey? I'd say TERRIFYING. :)

Denae said...

sorry, scary.