Saturday, February 23, 2008

To Cast A Shadow

I caught the lunar eclipse Wednesday night.

It was quite by accident, actually. I invited my friend Jamie inside my apartment after we had dinner and her boyfriend called her as celestial session was about to happen.

Prior to the call, I hadn't given the eclipse much thought. My meteorologist talked about it during my newscast but I was kind of indifferent about the the whole thing. But the phone call reminded me about the big deal in the sky.

And it was pretty amazing.

The massive shadow crept across the moon until the glowing face was unrecognizable. The brilliance of that luminescent moon was but a memory thanks to a muddy, blue usurper called Earth.

And that got me wondering - how am I getting in the way of greatness?

What am I doing to hold me back from becoming the best person I can be? Do I let life's daily frustrations weigh me down and grate at my hope and optimism? Do I fail to realize my full potential because of an occasional disregard of responsibility?

Is my quest for love casting a shadow on an opportunity to appreciate my life as it is now?

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