Saturday, February 23, 2008

All day at the movies - it's a wrap

So... No Country for All Men.


Great film. It had me on the edge of the seat. It was the only film that had me totally sucked in from beginning to end, and yet I think the finish was a huge letdown.

Where Atonement was kind of, uh, eh most of the way through and then sensational at the end, I think No Country was sensational the whole way through and then very LAME at the end.

I get what the Coen brothers are trying to do with the way they wrap things up.

But it Sucks.

Sucks with a capital S.

I think it will get Best Picture on the basis of the entire body of work, but I am not really sold on the idea.

The movie is full of thrills and suspense and will have you jumping out of your seat and wringing your hands - I loved that it made me feel something.

But this year, my vote's for Atonement.

I know the Academy loves "period" pieces, I hope they follow suit.

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