Monday, February 04, 2008

In My Own Little Corner - It's All About Water

This is a look at the dynamite faucet handles I installed on my own.

A special thanks goes out to the guy at Lowe's who said these wouldn't work. Thanks, dude. I now realize those "experts" don't always know what they're talking about. Even after I brought the old, broken handle in to compare - somehow he disagreed with my impression that the design was exactly the same as this new version.

Sometimes it pays to go along with your instinct.

Here's a look at the sweet little pine I'm about to toss out.

It's so dried out that I think it could be beyond saving. I had it positioned right near my living room radiator, so maybe it got kind of cooked. I'm moving it to another, less warm spot in the apartment to give it a second chance. We'll see.

And now the most shocking pictures of all.

That radiator I mentioned? Well, apparently it's leaking pretty badly. I took a step near my stereo and felt a wet spongy mess beneath my bare feet. It's so moist that it helped sprout mushrooms behind my stereo speaker. I'm not kidding. Here's a closer look:

I am not going to explore whether these shrooms are magic.

But I would like to figure out one way to get that leaky radiator to water my dried out pine tree.


WestEnder said...

Take a good look at that faucet picture. It's the face of a praying mantis!

Anonymous said...

Your a funny woman, Kate! I was doing some research on Cincinnati, and somehow got magically transported to your blog. (Isn't google SO helpful?)

Anyway, I ended up spending about half an hour reading over most of your posts. I love your attitude about life. You don't take crap from no one, do ya?! That's great. :D Keep it that way! (I'm part of the "take no crap" club, too, so that's probably why I enjoyed it so much. Have a great day and keep on writing!

James, OK