Friday, February 08, 2008

Dining Deal

I totally swiped this from the Enquirer's foodie blog... but it's such a good deal I just couldn't help myself.

And it totally promotes the anti-chain movement - I think I told you how much I hate chain restaurants.

Restaurant Week

Monday march 3-March 9th.

25 locally owned restaurants offering a three-course prix-fixe dinner for $25.08.

They include:
Andy's Mediterranean, Behle Street, Bella Luna, Brown Dog Cafe, Chalk, Daveed's, deSha's, Greenup Cafe, Holy Grail, Hugo, Jag's, Pigall's, Jimmy D's, Kona, Mesh, Mike & Jimmy's, Molly Malone's (Covington location), Nicholson's, O'Bryon's, Polo Grille, Pompilio's, Primavista, The Pubs, Red, Universal Grille and Washington Platform.

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