Friday, October 09, 2009

Add "Nobel Peace Prize Winner" To The Resume

White House staff woke up President Obama around 6 AM today to inform him he's a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel committee unanimously agreed to give Obama the honor, recognizing his efforts to establish peace and diplomacy in international affairs.

I will admit, it's pretty remarkable our president was awarded such a prize only nine months in office.

President Obama is crusading for another significant effort - changing the dynamics of the American health care system.

What are you going to do to solve the crisis?

(Video clip snapped at President Obama's visit to the Labor Day Picnic at Coney Island in Cincinnati on Labor Day, September 8.)

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Kirby said...

Barack Hussein Obama wins Peace Prize. For what? Must have been his 'Apology Tour' telling every country he visited that America sucks! That, no doubt helped convince the Nobel committee.

So now, how can Obama send more troops to Afghanistan? How is he supposed to stop Iran from attaining their nukes? How will he contain terrorism? Not with force. With the awarding of the peace prize to Obama, the committee put him in a bind beyond what he has already created for himself. I believe he really does have a plan for our country.

He wants to weaken our country. He wants to remove our 'super power' status. He is also actually so naive that he believes he can make friends with our enemies by talking with them.

Two other U.S. liberals have also won the 'prize' in recent years - for doing nothing. Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. So, I suppose Obama deserves the prize as much as they did. They are quite a trio.

From the UK Telegraph...Obama's won the Nobel Peace – WTF?!

Chunk said...

A tip, Kris: For anyone to take your inane ramblings even remotely seriously, you may consider citing as your evidence something slightly more substantial than a cartoon.

Just sayin'.

Kate The Great said...

Sara, I think Kris is just a thoughtless spammer who is searching the blogosphere for any mention of Obama. Clearly, this tactic is just about as cogent as the argument itself.