Thursday, October 01, 2009

Random Junk

Found in the Trader Joe's reusable shopping bag that doubles as my briefcase:

Nasty bottle of Tabasco
Disposable camera - I have no idea of its content
Brochure on Kiehl's products
An old (Spring '09) NYT Style Magazine with Eric Dane on the cover
(Ancient) Bottle of Burberry Brit
Two tiny plastic peppers - green and orange
2008 Christmas card from Mom and Dad
Hair tie
Plastic cover for one of the ends of my iPod USB cord
Baby onesie
Leopard print gloves
Custom made necklace featuring Venetian beads bought in London
"Tastefully Simple Giddyup Guacamole Mix"
Package of homemade Christmas cards featuring Cincinnati landmarks
Cosmopolitan - April 09
Hotel reservations for a trip to Lexington this month
Flight confirmation codes for a trip I took to CA in June
An empty FedEx envelope
Full color proofs for a cookbook I developed (and is available Friday)
Profile information on all of Cincinnati's city council candidates
One nickel (1983) and one dime (2002)

This doesn't even touch on the virtual junk I'm carrying in my heart and head.

What garbage is weighing you down?
What do you need to purge?
What do you need to rediscover?


Rene` said...

I commend you for sifting through this wasteland of your daily wonders! It can be tough... I usually carry tiny bags and since I got an LV Speedy, I battle with clogs of crap. Yet, I am anal and every night when I get home, I sift through the junk and leave only my BBerry, wallet, keys, mirror, biz card holder & La Grande Jatte-printed cosmetics bag.

The freshness of clearing the clutter is wonderful, is it not? :)

Lynx217 said...

Oh geez we won't even go into the virtual junk in my head!
I invite everyone to go through their change jars and find the oldest coin they have. You might have something old enough to be worth more than face value! That's a true bonus!

WestEnder said...

It's not virtual if it's in your head and heart, it's real.

(Amazingly ironic word verification: PROSE SAD)