Monday, October 12, 2009

Links That Make Me Think

Edith Wharton's Paris. The NYT write up sounds romantic, conjuring up images of cool walks along the Seine and in cloistered gardens behind secluded gardens. As much as I am ambivalent about Paris, this piece makes me want to catch the next flight to Orly.

Mentions about Wharton's clandestine, bound-for-break up romance with Morton Fullerton make my heart heavy - it is far worse to find what we think is love, only to have it snatched from our spirit.

The depth within the pages of Anne Frank's diary. A new book is out critiquing the literary ramifications of the journal scrawled from within the Annex on Prinsengracht. Author Francine Prose explores the editing process exacted by the teen, and also disputes claims that the Frank diary is a fraud. Prose is giving a lecture at 7:30 this evening at Rockwern Academy - click the link for more information.

The cooling temperatures mean it's time for a stronger cocktail. Autumn is here, and with it, an opportunity to sip on something a bit more spicy. Love this piece in the Washingtonian about seasonal cocktails, including those that showcase Kentucky bourbon. Love that Todd Thrasher, the genius behind Old Town Alexandria's PX Lounge, has come up with a special concoction including pear butter, apple brandy and house made bitters.

Where can a gal get a well crafted, autumnal cocktail in Cincinnati?

The French are working to combat extreme stress. Apparently, several large corporations have experienced a wave of suicides in recent months. Officials say companies have long underestimated the psychological risks of stress in the workplace. An interesting commentary on attitudes in corporate France - I wonder if the U.S. would ever seriously consider the effects of workplace stress.

Marge Simpson is taking it all off for Hef. This is a first for Playboy: featuring a cartoon cover and centerfold model. It's a tactic to appeal to the magazine's younger demo. I imagine this edition won't get stashed under the mattress by teenage boys like previous issues.

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