Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flower Princess

Snapped at Coffee Emporium in Over-the-Rhine - what a sweet ride. It even has a My Little Pony taped to the bars as a hood ornament.
But for some reason I don't think this bike is ridden by a little girl...
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Mark Stegman said...

Bike creations commonly known as "tall bikes" are popular across the country. With welding skills and some mechanical aptitude old discarded bikes are fused and reborn.
A recent poll (my apologies for lack of citation) showed that Ohio had one of the highest growth rates of bike riders among all U.S. states; we were in the top five. Bicycling requires good mechanics who can put together a bike with their eyes closed. These tall bikes are spawned from this bike mechanic culture, the men ans women who build bikes, build these tall bikes. In some respects: were there are tall bikes, there is a healthy and growing bike population. Cincinnati definitely has a healthy and growing bike population.
For more information about bike riding in Cincinnati visit the Queen City Bike Club blog.
Thank you and happy riding.