Friday, October 16, 2009

Simple Gift

Baby puts her money on the gray horses.

Actually, I wish my wagering on the ponies was that simple. I don't place my bets by picking a pretty horse, a horse with a fun name or even my favorite jockey silks. No, I am one of those dorks who analyses a combination of the horse's blood line, ownership, trainer, jockey and whether a horse is on Lasix.

Who knew a day at the races could be such a science?

One thing that is not complicated - my autumnal affinity for bourbon. The Elixir of the Bluegrass is a perfect compliment to a chilly day at the track. It's a combination of smoke and honey and sweetness and spice. Bourbon also carries a bit of a punch, which can be nice when the chilly temperature is cutting through your woolen wardrobe.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Keeneland with 5chw4r7z and Ms. 5chw4r7z, Red Kat Blonde and The Marketess. I'm also expecting to run in to GOP Big Wig and my old crew from Local 12.

Needless to say, Keeneland is gonna be fun.

My crew and I leave for Lexington around 10:30 AM - and I am bringing bourbon.

Since the day is going to be a chilly one, I'm inventing a special cocktail. It will be hot and zippy, a nice accompaniment for the veggie fritata I'm bringing for trunk tailgating.

Simple Gift (an homage to Shaker Village, just down the road from Lexington)
1 part bourbon
2 parts hot mulled cider
2 drops angostura bitters
lemon wedge

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