Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trick or Tannin

Forget the bourbon - sometimes there's nothing better than a glass of wine.

I know, I know. Those of you who know me well are likely wondering if I'm feeling well - what with my well known affinity for the elixir of the Bluegrass. Yes, I think Kentucky's brand of whiskey is pretty dynamite. But as it turns out, the Commonwealth is popping the cork on decent wine, too.

Elk Creek Vineyards is one such winery making a name for itself in Kentucky. I had the pleasure of joining a friend for a charity wine tasting at the Owenton destination last spring and was pleasantly surprised by its sophisticated yet rustic digs, which include a spacious tasting room, spa and bed & breakfast.


Elk Creek has come out with some special Halloween themed wines - I was offered a chance to review three sample bottles thanks to Michelle at My Wine Education. As challenging a task as it was, I was happy to oblige.

I asked two wine savvy friends - The Divine Ms. M and Rusty - to join me in the tasting session. Prior to their moving to Cincinnati, this couple lived in California and did a good bit of wine tasting, so I was confident they would serve up some astute observations about our trio of bottles.

First up, the Bone Dry Red ($19.99). A Cabernet Sauvignon, we agreed this selection was perfect for the autumnal season. Upon properly tasting the wine (the owner of my favorite wine shop in the world says one must "kiss" the wine to properly aerate it while tasting), we noted hints of cherry and oak.

I thought the wine was chock full of tannins but wasn't too sharp. We agreed it was smoky and rich and had a nice finish; Rusty thought the ruby red color was unbelievable. If you are looking for a great wine to serve next time you're grilling up steak and potatoes - this is it.

We followed the red with Ghostly White Chardonnay ($14.99), billed as a reflection of the limestone soils found in Central Kentucky (note: also a key factor in why Kentucky is so successful at making Bourbon). In our first sip, we noticed it was full flavored and not too sweet. We swilled a few more tastes in our mouth and discovered the crisp apple (maybe Granny Smith?) and citrus notes that Elk Creek promotes in its literature. We even tasted peach, and I thought I tasted a bit of charred sugar - like the flavor of a well done toasted marshmallow.

Maybe the wine was having an affect on my taste buds.

Regardless, this is a wine that would be perfect for your favorite swordfish or pasta dish.

Last but not least, we tried the Ghostly White - Sweet Mellow White ($9.99). This is a fruity, sweet wine similar to a Riesling. Billed as a "table wine," we appreciated the peachy citrus notes and its less substantial nature. If the Cab is a MAC truck and the Chard is a Camry, this wine is a carriage ride - complete with a dozen roses.

This wine is fruity and light and perfect for a hot summer day. It is a bit too sweet for my taste (some may feel like they're drinking Kool-Aid, others will think it's just perfect), but it is quite smooth and would be a nice accompaniment to your favorite dessert.

Halloween is a couple weeks away. When the little ghouls and boys stop by to Trick-or-Treat, perhaps you should offer a glass of something from Elk Creek to the chaperones walking the neighborhood with them.


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