Monday, October 12, 2009

We were at the Cincinnati Imports party...

...where were you?

What this photo doesn't tell you:

Notice the No on 9! sticker taped to my scarf? It's kind of obstructed by my mop of hair. Well, prior to the Imports shindig, I paraded around the Country Club gallery opening with the same sticker. That's where I was practically accosted by a supporter of Issue 9.

This character proceeded to grill me on my knowledge of Issue 9 and the ramifications of building a streetcar line in Downtown Cincinnati. This same jackass also went on to inquire about my resident status in Cincinnati (claiming Oakley really isn't in the City of) and then decry the streetcar and its ability to bring "those" people to his neighborhood in Clifton.

Funny thing, though. This guy, wearing a popped collar polo shirt and blue sport coat? He looked more Mason and less Clifton.

I extolled the virtues of the streetcar's potential and then politely declined to continue the conversation with this stranger.

I don't mind courteous discourse and debate, but this man with opposing views clearly was gunning for bear. Yes, my wearing a No on 9! sticker is an outward indication of my position on the issue, but it does not entitle opponents to sidle up and launch critical debates under the covert premise of a polite conversation about the meaning of Issue 9.

Dude, I don't come to Mason or Clifton or wherever you live and bother you. Please don't come to Oakley and bother me.

Love, Kate


Tony B said...

I asked the bartender/manager of the Holy Grail about what he thought about the streetcar (He lives in Oakley) on 9-9-09 (after Gaslight Anthem, the 9 thing is kind of ironic, also). He proceeded to tell me how horrible it was and how OTR sucks and he then proceeded to call me a flaming liberal and then he called me Obama. Not a single person who knows me would ever call me a liberal. I'm no Rush Beck, but definately not a liberal. Some people get so worked up. I hope issue 9 goes down in flames, but I know how the rest of Cincy views OTR even though it isn't only about OTR. I can't vote, I'm a current Newport resident but I'll be drinking a barrelhouse beer in Oklahoma City on election night in support.

Kelly said...

I think the best argument against Issue 9 isn't a pro-streetcar argument, but rather an anti-bad-policy argument.

Remember that Enquirer story about how the amendment could require votes if the zoo wants to change its sightseeing train? Remember what's-his-face telling council, "Any money means any money," when asked if this would apply to private, federal, or other non-city-taxpayer dollars put toward rail?

The 3C plan is also good to bring up - if you care about the city, do you really want our link to the rest of Ohio to be built in West Chester or Covington because this city is hostile to development?