Friday, August 04, 2006

Afternoon Delight

Things to discover while I'm free as a bird during the day:

The driving range - I have a great tip to help the ladies with their swing, if any of y'all are interested.

The libraries - they're cool, peaceful and a world to be discovered.

Ault Park - my favorite suntan spot. I know this place where I am fairly certain it is safe to sunbathe like the French, if you know what I mean.

Sunlite Pool - I am a sucker for anything that's water related.

Long walks by the river - my favorite place to hoof it.

The Cincy Art Museum - Gosh, I haven't spent any time there lately. The Museum is celebrating its birthday with a Saturday night club scene straight from Ibiza, and a sleepover right along side Picasso and friends!

The Cincy Museum Center - Note to self: Friday August 25th is a Free Friday. Score!

My bike - It's got a thin layer of dust on it that I am fairly certain would come off if I actually used the darn thing.

Kenwood Towne Center - It's a dangerous place but I am wise to the ways of window shopping.


JAB said...

Ah, Kenwood. That brings a tear!

When I worked at Miami I used to drive down to spend a whole Saturday there!

Maybe the next time hubby gets a hankerin' for Montgomery Inn I can convince him just to drop me off at all I need is some $$$!

Kate The Great said...

JAB- Back in the day when I was a teen wearing Benneton sweatshirts and Guess jeans with zippers at the ankles, I'd spend HOURS at Kenwood. Now I'm lucky if I'm in there for more than 60 minutes...

I guess my time in there is directly proportional to the size of my disposable income...