Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am so tired right now.

It's one of those exhaustions where your body literally wants to just lay comatose, preserving all energy for changing the channel with the remote and hoisting a glass of water to a dry mouth. And yet for all my spent energy, I cannot muster the deep peace needed to flag down a few ZZZs.

What a quandary.

I laid in my bed subjecting myself to horrible daytime television (note to the good people with Days of Our Lives: I understand one of your characters is searching for his past life in of all places, Cincinnati. Please note that in our rough and tumble watering holes, most native people do not speak with a faint New Yawk accent) and the tepid temperatures aided by my little, window unit air conditioner Whew. I think I can! I think I can! until I could just not take it anymore.

So I am at the library with all the other ejumucated people.

Of note: I found my kid sister's MySpace space. It was essence of Lil Sis, complete with a Burberry background and quips about how she pops her colla' to make the boys holla'.

I suppose I was 19 once.

The jury's still out on whether she'll accept my friend request.

I have a furlough from the morning show. Well, not so much as an imposed break as a requested one - I took tomorrow off so I can enjoy DMB in all it's splendor, complete with my share of beer.

Netflix keeps sending me movies. I've got Hotel Rwanda at home (kind of apprehensive to see because I am not in a Serious Movie mood and would much prefer something that involves no thought and plenty of escapism) and ET just arrived today. It's been forever since I saw Gertie and Elliot bond with their Phone Home friend. Netflix sent me a little email saying that Secondhand Lions (Michael Caine and Robert Duvall are both in it, so it must be good) is on its way, too. I sent back Raging Bull earlier this week, and all I can say is WOW. That DeNiro sure did undergo a transformation from a wiry powderkeg to what some would call a Fat Eff.

He really does impress me, mole and all.


And so cycle begins - melatonin to bed, Red Bull later tonight.


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