Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend Recap

No need to call the Health Department.

My apartment is starting to look markedly better. D-money had a place to sleep in my living room (since I cleared the crap off my couch and made my living room look spic-n-span) and the bathroom is no longer a bio-hazard.

Cheers to me.


I went to the White Trash Bash and D and I were the only ones who actually obliged the host's request for our finest redneckery (see below for the full descrip).

We were kind of ticked but realized we were the only ones secure with our appearance/social status and could really give two rats asses whether people judged us for lookin' like tramps from Estill County, Kentucky.


I've now lost nine pounds.

Gosh, I just don't know what to say... I'd like to thank all of the stores in Cincinnati that stock bottled water, Diet Canfield's chocolate soda, the skim milk case at the Hyde Park Kroger and Mott's applesauce. I could tell you my big time secret to losing weight but then I'd have to kill you. But here's a hint: I've rediscovered that good friend Will Power.


I am buying my ticket to London on Wednesday. I am crazy psyched and have been practicing my English accent (I went out with an English dude once and he says my impression is more High English than it is cockney. Ha ha. I just said cockney.)

I am salivating over all the places I want to eat/the places I want to go. On the list right now:
Jack the Ripper tour
River cruise on the Thames
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Abbey Road
The London Opera House
St. Paul's Cathedral
Antiquing on Portobello Road (in Notting Hill)
Authentic London dance club (so I can wear the pink wig out. It's been a long time)
Tour of Tower Bridge (the famous one you see in all the pictures)
Stonehenge (a bit of a train ride away)
London Eye - giant ferris wheel with amazing views


JAB said...

I'm so excited for you!! God did not give me the traveling bug...Florida is about as far as I've been but I can't wait to hear all about it.

I sincerely admire Denae for stepping out of everything she knows to go for a dream.

I believe I am in fact a chicken.

Kate The Great said...

JAB, thanks for the excitement! I'm really jazzed, too. I feel kinda silly buzzing about a trip that's two months away, but that's pretty much what I've got to look forward to right now...

I can't wait to take some good pics.

big blue blood- tru dat. Your boy came "dressed to impress" at the party.

I'm sure some girls from Corbin would have been all over him...