Friday, August 11, 2006

Your Best Redneckery

Hello all...

I am looking for suggestions.

I've been invited to a White Trash Bash of sorts and am workin' on my get-up.

So far the green, tight Pabst Blue Ribbon t-shirt and some hillbilly teeth are on the list.

Any other suggestions?

I know there are some creative types lurking out there.

Thank ya.


glass said...

A baby pillow under your shirt and a cigarette?

Blackeye make-up - from a tumble at the bowling alley.

Curlers in hair.

Constant itch in crotch.

Missing shoe.

Baseball cap.

Tobacco dip in back pocket.

WalMart bag as purse.

NB-C said...

A Nascar hat and a tatoo on your upper arm or forearm.....

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Thong pulled up high, pants pulled down low.

Oh wait. That's what happens to me because I don't wear a belt. Bygones.

spydrz said...

Git-R-Dun cap.

spydrz said...

Also, I have a CSA battle flag for such an occasion. Such a flag certainly helps.

Me! said...

You don't even need to wear shoes for the occasion. Lots and lots of rednecks prefer to go barefoot.

Kate The Great said...

I showed up wearing flip-flops, my PBR t-shirt, an orange UK hat (what Wildcat fans wear when they go huntin') and curlers in my hair.

I have the host a nice bottle of wine wrapped in a Kroger bag, as well as some coupons for cartons of Marlboros.

My bra strap was hangin' off my shoulder...

Yeah, I looked high class.