Friday, August 04, 2006

This Is The Kind Of Crap I Worry About

So, I have a bald spot.

Okay, so it's not as bald as a baby's bottom, but it's this little patch of thinning hair close to my forehead, just beyond the hairline. If I parted my hair in the middle, you'd notice this little area where the part isn't quite the fine line it is elsewhere.

That's why I part my hair on the left - I am part of the Comb Over Brigade.

I noticed this strange phenomenon probably five years ago. The spot hasn't really changed much (perhaps it's gotten a smidge bigger over time, but nothing incredibly noticable) but it has caused me a bit of worry.

Is it alopecia? Will I go bald all over someday?

I consulted with a dermatologist once and he told me he could give me a bunch of cortisone shots in the hair follicles to spurt growth in that damned spot.

The catch is, the rest of my head has, well, too much hair.

Hairdressers loathe my arrival. Every time I make an appointment for a full foil highlight, they cross off the rest of the day for the poor stylist who's punished with the task. Seriously, I got a full foil and cut three weeks ago and it took five hours. Five hours off my life that I will never get back, dammit!

I think this bald spot thing is a curse from my mom years ago.

I had really, really, really bad hair when I was a kid. Thick and kinky. Naturally. The best way to describe it is a White Girl's Afro. Some of my good friends have seen the pics, the ones from the era when the kids in school called me Pyramid, because my hair stuck out from my head like an equilateral triangle.

My mom was once quoted as saying, "Kate. You've got so much hair. If you ever go bald, no one will ever notice."

Thanks, Mom. That quote has haunted me ever since.

The worst part is, I can't even shave my head. I've got one of those Gorbachev birth marks on the top of my head, too.

I guess I'll stick with the bald spot.

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