Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get British or Die Tryin'

So, those silly terrorists are trying to shakes things up a bit again.

(Y'all, the following is the way I write for work...)

Scotland Yard investigators say they've cracked a massive terror plot growing beneath the waving Union Jack.

21 people were arrested in London in connection with a scheme to blow up several planes in mid-flight. Authorities in Britain say it was a plot "intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

The Homeland Security Agency has bumped up the security level to red, or severe (a first for the HSA) for all international flights originating from Britain to the U.S.

The Feds have also hiked up the security level to orange, or high for all domestic flights within the United States.

(Back to Kate-speak)

Now, why do these nasty people have to throw a tizzy just a couple months away from I jet over to Jolly Old London?

My soul sister Denae is traveling over to England next month to study abroad, and I'm planning on visiting her in October.

This whole situation kind of reminds me of the first time I went overseas.

I was 12 during all the Lockerbie terrorism talk. 270 people died when Pan Am 103 blew up over Scotland. Jane Pauley was all over the Today Show the day my parents and I were to travel, reporting plans of another credible bomb threat for another U.S. flight bound for Europe.

My parents looked at me and asked whether I wanted wanted to still go.

And I said Hell yeah!

We made it to Boston, where I got to see the bomb dogs sniff through all our luggage as it sat on the tarmac at, like, 9 PM.

We made it to where we were going with no problems.

This time I'm operating on the same premise: I'm going on my trip or I'm gonna die trying.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

Why do these peeps always gotta try to keep us down? As you know, I'm a rather big fan of Jolly 'Ole England and there just ain't nothin that would stop me from going...not even some crazy terrorists who want to blow us up with goo.

Kate The Great said...

So crazy.

I am kind of pissed, though, about how now we can't even bring Chap Stik on the plane.

I mean, what if I met a hot guy on the plane and started making out with him?

I wouldn't want to get my lips all frayed and bloody...