Sunday, August 06, 2006

Where Is the Devil And How Much Money Could I Get For My Soul?

UPDATE 1:21 pm Monday.

From the Courier Journal:

The Rolling Stones will be performing at Churchill Downs Sept. 29, track President Steve Sexton said Monday morning at a meeting with horsemen.He called a concert by the legendary rock band “a once in a many year opportunity.”

Sexton said as many as 50,000 tickets would be sold, ranging from $60 to $300 with no general admission offered.

Tickets as well as parking will be sold through Ticketmaster starting August 14th at 10 a.m.

I have to buy my ticket to London on the 15th, but there may be enough jingle in my pocket to arrange for a rendezvous with Mick.

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6:10 pm Sunday.

I cannot believe this breaking news out of Louisville. The Rolling Stones are rumored to be adding a Louisville show to their tour sometime in September. The band would reportedly play beneath the famous Twin Spires of Churchill Downs.

The Thoroughbred Times reports Mick & Co. are touring in Europe and are expected to kick off the North American leg of their tour September 20th in Boston.

More details are expected out of Churchill Downs during an 11:30 am press conference Monday.

A fan website is reporting a concert date of Friday September 29th.

I will be out of the office Monday but will try to post an update for all you Stoners.


NB-C said...

I heard the SAME thing! I am giddy with anticipation! Let me know if you hear anyhting through the coconut telegraph!

Kate The Great said...

I will be checking in with my sources tomorrow AM.

Hey, when are you and Nat coming up here for a game or, at the very least, some cavorting around Censor Nasty?

JAB said...

Friday September 29th, tix are 60 - 300 bucks and 50,000 are being sold.