Saturday, August 05, 2006

Checking In Quickly

The day is too stunning to waste it inside cleaning or reading the latest edition of Us Weekly, and I am on a quest to really soak up a slice of summer today.

That said, I have a few, random thoughts rolling around in my head:

First: Go rent, check out or steal Hotel Rwanda. Great flick, and I had no idea Don Cheadle could be such a great, serious actor. I am super sensitive and cry at almost anything, but this flick is sure to tug on even the blackest of heart strings. Ditto for Road to Perdition. I saw that one this morning, and it has so many undertones but it basically covers the struggles of loyalty, family and honor in the Irish mafia system of the 1920s.

Speaking of family, today is my father's birthday and I have been given the quest of taking a photo of myself as a gift. Dad apparently wants his three daughters to give him only photos of themselves for his birthdays. My mission today is to try and take a snapshot of myself with a Cincinnati landmark in the bkrd. Don't really know how that will go, but there is a Jimmy Buffett party I'm going to tonight, so that can be my last ditch effort if everything's out of focus today.

What a crazy challenge.

I am pinching pennies hardcore over the next few days as I get ready to buy my ticket to London. The trip is October 20th to the 28th I believe. Southern Son and I are going over to Jolly Old London to visit my gal-pal D-Money, who will have just moved over there for school. I am salivating over all my travel books and stuff, plotting out visits to the largest ferris wheel in the world and other good stuff. A brief jaunt to Scotland is also on the itinerary, and we may take a side trip to Stonehenge, too, though my dad tells me the stones are all fenced off and it's a bit touristy. No matter, it should still be sensational.

I think I've whipped that nasty Bummer Bug and feel completely restored to my usual, silly, always positive self.

Thank God.

Gotta go. My sunroof and some good tunes are calling.

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