Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Kate The Great's Blog Turns Two...

Wow. I can't believe I'm still writing all this junk two years later.

Even more, I can't believe y'all are still reading it!

At press time, Kate's Random Musings has logged 525 posts and has had 68086 hits (kind of freaky since that's a palindrome) of people wanting to learn more about a 20 something single girl searching for her way in the world.

This past year, I've written about my crazy time in Vegas and I discovered I was quirkyalone.

This year I also turned out my most read, most searched, most commented blog of all.

I've had a few good moments of self analysis, I won a battle with one of Cincinnati's Finest and I did something grown up and negotiated the purchase of a new-to-me car.

I've met many wonderful men including The Brit, John and The Biscuit, and I trashed boys who won't grow up.

The year has been a great one, all in all.

I look forward to logging many more memories and opinions, as I get ready to streak my way into 30.

I hope you stick along for the ride, too.



Denae said...

Go, Shorty, it's yer birfday, we gonna party like it's yer birfday.

Me! said...

I know I've only been a reader for about 9 months or so... I love reading it. It's nice to see that someone basically the exact age as me is going through the same ups and downs I am who lives right here in the tri-state. Maybe when we both hit 30 in December we should seriously go out and party!

Happy blogiversary girl.

spydrz said...

Happy Anniversary! Or blogiversary!

Micah said...

Happy Birthday!

...feels kinda weird saying that to a blog.

Kate The Great said...

D-Money, thanks for the well wishes - you know how much I love that song.

GAC- I'm so glad you're one of my loyal readers! Yes, I think there are lots of us cool chicks who are fabulous and having an amazing time living life!

Spydrz- Thanks!

Micah - yeah, it does kind of feel weird, but you're just the guy to do it...