Saturday, April 26, 2008

Date Night

Name: Man Magnet
Inventor: Raven
Age: 11
Comments: She attracts men and they fight over her.

You can't really put a price on creativity.

It is revered by bosses, celebrated by art teachers everywhere, and as a rule - relished by every girlfriend.

Now, when it comes to date night, some guys will phone it in. They pick a chain restaurant or a swankier venue awash in white table cloths, and they call it a night.

Most women will sip on their chardonnay and slice in to their chicken breast wrapped in applewood smoked bacon with nary a complaint, but inside they're thinking, God. Does this guy even know how to try?

And that's when I offer to you Happen's Toy Lab.

The Toy Lab in Mt. Washington is this amazing place that helps children create new toys by using pieces of old, broken versions that are recycled for parts. The venue is a non profit arts center, and its website claims its the only place of its kind in the entire world.

Children, whether they be nine or 90, can comb through containers full of toy parts - detatched heads, wheels, blocks, animal limbs - and create something totally new.

The lab has an on line gallery of creations made by children - I especially enjoyed the Man Magnet doll (pictured above).

Happen's Toy Lab is a great place for a new relationship to blossom - you can explore your creativity, be silly and revert back to your childhood days.

Just don't start namecalling or chasing each other around the lab. Perhaps you should choose more mature ways to show your interest.

Happen's Toy Lab—5208 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati, OH. 45230—(513) 751-2345
Open Saturday & Sunday 11am–5pm
You can call for reservations or for more information: Mon.–Fri. 9am–5:30pm

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Denae said...

i love this post. i had no idea something like this was in Cincy!! very cool