Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Prayers Are Working!

I just got off the phone with Brigid and Steve.

They have taken Maeve off the bypass machine!
They say doctors are amazed that Maeve is ready to rely on her own heart beat. Everyone at the Sibley Heart Center in Atlanta is astonished!

We are still not out of the woods.

They had to perform surgery on Maeve today to determine whether anything needed a suture and I guess they decided everything looks okay. Maeve's chest is still open and she only has one nurse attending to her now (as opposed to the three dedicated to her last night).

Brig says basically they're back to where they were a week and a half ago - which is far more hopeful than last night.

Please keep praying because that little girl is responding!


JAB said...

Good report!

Denae said...

this is wonderful news. was so happy to hear from you today. last night was tough i know. kisses, d

Chris F. said...

Just remember, we are all behind you and your family.

Maeve has a bigger heart than most grown men do.