Sunday, April 13, 2008

Holding Pattern

We haven't heard much out of Atlanta regarding Maeve's progress - which means she's not improving by leaps and bounds. It also means, thankfully, that she is not getting any worse.

There have been minor improvements since I last posted about my six-month-old niece. She is apparently losing her fluid, and that means she's one step closer to getting her chest stitched back up a third time after her open heart procedure three weeks ago.

My parents returned to Cincinnati late Thursday night after spending about a week in the A-T-L. They mostly kept my sister and her husband preoccupied and would tag along for hospital visits.

By Tuesday Maeve had lost 100 cc of fluid and her doctor was really happy about that. Her blood pressure had also started improving by that point. Maeve is still sleeping but my dad says they would see her arms and her hands moving, and every once in a while they'd catch her making a face.

My parents and Brig all took turns holding Maeve's hand and they were thrilled when she would squeeze back.

By Wednesday Maeve had lost 400 cc and the nurses were so happy with her progress they were dancing around her bed and cheering.

Thursday Maeve was down 1000 cc but still needed to go potty a little bit more to get rid of her fluids. My parents say Maeve likes to sleep with her left eye open just a crack -just so she can "keep an eye on what's going on."

This past week Brig and Mom were at Maeve's bedside and she was resting and she opened both of her eyes wide open, looked at Mom and looked at Brig and then went back to sleep. They kind of thought she was saying "Oh, there's Mommy and there's Nana. Everything's okay."

My parents say they may go back to Atlanta in a week or two depending on what the situation is down there and what Brig needs.

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Chris F. said...

I've sure had a lot of people to pray for lately as I've documented on my blog

For the most part, my prayers seem to be working at least in some way.

There have been times in the past when I wondered if praying for others was doing them any good or if it was even worth doing, but I guess that isn't for me to decide. God does what Gods wants to do. All I can do is have my heart in the right place and humble myself.

If Maeve is holding up this well considering all she has been through, that could be a sign of better things to come. Just keep fighting the good fight.