Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's great to have someone by your side when you're going in to battle.

JFK had RFK.
Maverick had Goose.
Shaggy had Scooby.

Every person needs that team mate who they can tag when they need some help - whether it be when you're in the office, on the court or at the bar.

I have Jos.

He is my confidant, my window into the male psyche, my big brother.

I've known Jos for around eight years, so I call him when I want to reminisce about the glory days.

I call him when I want a suggestion for a new band to dig into.

My wingman is goofy but deep. He's easy to be with but will challenge your perspective on life.

Jos pushes me to be a better person and I push him to ask for the digits of the cute girl he moons over.

I enjoy Joseph's unique perspective on faith, the universe and humanity. He appreciates my unconventional depth.

Every chick needs a wingman as good as Jos.


Me! said...

Feel free to hook a girl up if he's that great! :-)

Chris F. said...

Starsky had Hutch
Luke had Bo
The Lone Ranger had Tonto

For that matter, The Man With No Name had Colonel Douglas Mortimer.

Great read, Kate.

JAB said...

Are you really drinking Pabst in that shot?? :-)

Kate The Great said...

GAC- I would be happy to set you up with Jos! Do you like ping pong, a diverse collection of indie music and Asian food? Let's talk.

jab- Yes, good ol' PBR. I lurv Woodford, Crystalle and Petron but don't discriminate against PBR, OE or Nati Light. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

WestEnder said...

You like beer? What kind of beer you like, kid?

I don't know... Heineken, I guess.

Heineken? F*ck you man! PABST BLUE RIBBON!

--Dennis Hopper to Kyle McLachlan in Blue Velvet

Denae said...

I once met my friends Ace and Larsen at Snowbird in Utah for a weekend on the slopes. Only one beer was allowed in the house and hot tub: PBR!!