Monday, April 14, 2008

Maeve Update

My parents got an email from Brig last night -

Maeve is apparently losing more fluid and her blood pressure and heart rate are good.

The baby had an ultrasound done on her head Saturday because a nurse thought my niece was moving a bit strange - with her hands turned in to her body. They wanted to make sure no neurological issues had developed. Fortunately the ultrasound came back looking fine.

The baby has some more fluid on her right lung and may need to have an additional chest tube put in if the fluid doesn't drain out.

Maeve has had a fever on and off so the hospital took some cultures to see if she has an infection - those results have not come back, but my sister says that's a good sign.

Doctors haven't said anything about closing Maeve's chest back up but Brigid is hopeful that could happen today or tomorrow if things continue to look positive.

The swelling on Maeve's head has gone down, but her torso is still swollen.

Brig says she got to give Maevey Bean another sponge bath Saturday night - I am sure she just loved that...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the third - and last - time doctors have to stitch her chest back up...

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