Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Step By Step

The following is a letter I received from my father this evening.

Hi Katy,
Maeve had a pretty good day. She made some progress on the elimination of fluids (tinkle). She is still very swollen, but her doctor said he would have been happy if she was just even, but she was down 100cc. Her blood pressure has also gotten better. That is a good start according to Steve (my brother-in-law).

Maeve is still sleeping, but we see her moving her arms and her hands, and every now and then she makes a face, but she keeps her eyes closed. We took turns having Maeve wrap her hand around one of our fingers and talking to her. Every now and then she would squeeze our finger, which would make each of us very happy.

This morning, and yesterday, Steve went to work and mom and I went to the hospital with Brig. In the mornings and in the evenings I get to walk Biscuit. He is a real handful. Sometimes he just pulls me around like a rag doll. Well, the progress is very slow with Maeve, but she is going in the right direction.


Denae said...

I can just imagine your sweet dad typing this letter. I know Brig must be glad to have your parents with her. Sorry I didn't get to call tonight hon. A bit crazy in the ole newsroom (will update you Wednesday). Love, Nae

JAB said...

Thinking of you guys!