Monday, April 07, 2008

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Hello friends!

I really need to buckle down and write a couple blogs about a) my final thoughts on my old job at Local 12 and b) my budding impressions of my new job (I know some of you are dying to know what it is...)

But it's late and I am tired, so I'm just going to write a brief Maevey update.

The current situation reminds me of the old fable of the Tortoise and the Hare.

The bunny is so quick to win the race that he breaks down and rests and takes it easy. Meantime, the turtle is slow but determined and ends up crossing the finish line ahead of that wascaly wabbit.

I see a lot of that turtle in my Maevey.

My niece isn't getting better by leaps and bounds, but she is crossing little milestones, and they deserve to be celebrated as big victories.

Today doctors decided to take Maeve off a bunch of medication. My six-month-old niece was hopped up on a bunch of meds after Friday's major setback and doctors wanted to bring the levels down to a more appropriate dosage. Apparently the only way to do that is to go cold turkey and then watch Maeve's reaction.

Today they took Maeve off a paralytic (which inhibits her body movement - duh), a sedative and a painkiller. They also took her off the super serious Epinephrine, an adrenaline type drug that helps to regulate her heart rate.

Well, today Maeve had a good day - in that she handled the loss of medication well and didn't suffer any setbacks.

Make no mistake about it, there was no monumental improvement today, but this small display of stability further substantiates the amount of fight in this tiny, 13 Lb. baby.

Doctors will keep an eye on her heart rate and a bunch of other signs to determine how much pain medication etc. she needs.

God, this little girl has the strength of a lion.

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Chris F. said...

A lion? You aren't a Detroit Lions fan are you? LOL. I also let my fellow Bengal fans know about your niece's plight and ask that they pray for her well-being and good long-term health.