Monday, April 28, 2008

Desire's Dance

Here's a question for you:

Lust much?

Get ready: one of the hottest ballet performances to grace the stage is hitting Cincinnati 's Aronoff Center Starting May 9th.

Carmina Burana & Serenade are two spectacular, different ballets that explore the human condition - including dark humor, lust for life and deep passion.

Carmina Burana is incedentally an amazing piece of music you're sure to recognize. Click on this YouTube clip if you're curious.

This ballet is the last of the season for Cincinnati 's ballet corps and it's sure to be phenomenal. I started volunteering with the ballet a year and a half ago and am now on the ballet's YP committee. I had no idea this challenging art form wasn't as high brow and stuffy as I thought.

It's sexy.

It's fresh.

It's the height of hip.

There are several interesting options for you to explore if you're curious, including an exclusive Behind The Scenes tour at the Aronoff.

Some additional details: you can get $10 off your tickets if you buy them online at

Hope to see you there!

At the Aronoff Center - May 9th through 11th

Visit for more information

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