Friday, April 04, 2008

Please Pray For Maeve

My niece, Maeve, went into cardiac arrest around 4:30 this morning and had to be resuscitated.

This, after she had open-heart surgery two weeks ago at one of the best pediatric cardiology facilities in the world.

A bypass machine is now performing the functions for Maeve's heart and she is losing quite a bit of blood because of her problems with clotting.

Surgeons tell my sister, Brigid, they don't know what else they can do.

They are trying to determine whether a heart transplant is a viable option, though these doctors have never performed a transplant on a patient with Noonan Syndrome. The doctors want to assess whether Maeve could even survive something like that.

They have evaluated all of Maeve's data and don't know what precipitated the cardiac arrest in the first place. Doctors stitched her up Sunday and despite some concerns Monday, she had continued to improve.

Monday endocrinologists visited with Brigid and told her Maeve may have problems with her thyroid or pituitary glands, and that the circumstances could hinder brain development. Maeve's brain was also a concern today but doctors put some ice on her head and she reacted appropriately so they know her brain is functioning well.

Brigid says she has seen Maeve's body move a bit here and there so she concurs with the belief Maeve's brain is fine.

Our parents are in Atlanta. I am staying in Cincinnati and waiting for word on whether I need to make a trip down south. If so, I will stay in town and wait until our youngest sister, Mickie, arrives from Ohio University and then we will make the trip down together.

I don't want to have to make that trip.

Please say a prayer for Maeve. Please have your family and friends pray for Maeve.

To me, she is the most precious thing in this world. Maeve has the softest skin I've ever touched and the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen on a child. She has cheeks that look like big pillows and her onesies and shirts cover up a massive tummy. Her legs and arms are chubby and her mouth is shaped like a perfect, puffy bow.

Maeve is smart - she smiles when you make silly faces or sounds and her eyes stay fixed on her mama when Brigid is buzzing around. Maeve is so, so happy - especially when she's not eating (she struggles with massive acid reflux).

Maeve has Noonan Syndrome, which typically involves several different congenital heart defects. Maeve's heart is especially complicated, meaning doctors face special challenges while trying to fix her.

My niece comes from a long line of feisty women, and I know she has that fight in her, too. I have plenty of pictures that show a determined, strong baby girl in action.

That spirit is serving her well - in my 31 years of life I've never met anyone else who has faced the kind of challenges Maeve has experienced, and tomorrow only marks her six month birthday.

Please keep my niece in your prayers - this situation needs all the faith, prayer and hope it can get.

Much love,


Denae said...

I am thinking positive thoughts for you and your family honey. Lots of prayers as well. That little girl is a fighter. Go Maeve go! xx

JAB said...

Crying and thinking of you and your family - especially Brig. Moms can only handle so much.

My very best to all of you.