Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Memo On Maeve

The doctors stitched my niece back up for a fourth time yesterday afternoon.

Brig tells my dad the swelling has gone down in Maeve's head and now she only has a swollen torso. Last night and today were critical for the Maevey Bean - every time she has been stitched up previously, she has developed a problem with her blood pressure.

The baby is doing a good job of getting rid of her fluids but we are nervous about her blood pressure levels as it is critical they stay stable.

One of Maeve's nurses has been working at the Sibley Heart Center's cardiac care center for 2 ½ years, and at a similar facility in Cleveland for 4 years before that. The nurse apparently told Brigid that in all her time as a cardiac care nurse she has only seen one other patient as critical as Maeve and that Maeve is a very strong little girl.

Maeve has now been in the hospital for over four weeks. Friday marks one month since her initial open-heart surgery. That six-month-old little girl has an amazing will to live.

Please keep the Maevey Bean in your prayers - this is a very critical time for her.


Chris F. said...

I sent a prayer request for her on to some of my friends.

*who is thankful that quite a few of his prayer requests have been coming true lately*

Anonymous said...

kate, these prayers are working. send hugs to your fam from the dahls!