Wednesday, July 30, 2008

As Eddie Vedder says, I'm Still Alive...

My life is a cross between Pink Floyd and David Bowie right now.

Well, not so much in the literal sense, because I really have no need to get in touch with my Ziggy Stardust.

The fact of the matter is, I am hustling for money like nobody's business and I'm coping with the wicked stresses that come with being under pressure.

Hence the delay in posting.

I promise, I'm working up a good 'un that will make your mouth water.

In the meantime, I have a few things for you to ponder or pontificate about:

-I'm going to Washington D.C. in little over a week. I've never been before and don't know how or where I should spend my evenings. Any suggestions from the folks familiar with life inside the Beltway?

-I'm cooking a lot more lately. This evening I did some prep work for a meal I'm dishing up tomorrow, and my hands wreak of garlic. I tried rubbing my hands up and down the faucet (I heard that's supposed to equalize the odor) and have had no such luck. Any tips from you foodie friends out there?

-Do we really care about the Olympics? I haven't thought much about who's competing and what the big story lines are this go around - who are the athletes to watch? I always love the opening and closing ceremonies, but beyond that I'm pretty non-committal.

-Labor Day is just about a month away, marking the unofficial end of summer. How will you celebrate the holiday with a bang? Are the fireworks overrated? Do you like to get in touch with your inner pyro and set off a show worthy of a call to the ATF?

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