Friday, July 25, 2008

The Write Stuff

I came out to total strangers last night.

It wasn't a coming out in the traditional sense. It was all about blogging - and I made my big reveal to a bunch of fellow bloggers I had previously only known through the internets.

The Cincinnati Mercantile Library hosted its (and perhaps the city's) first Blogger Convention. The event was a soiree of sorts - cocktails and hors d' oeuvres (including the most captivating guacamole - I swear, they must have put X into that stuff) and a bunch of the Queen City's most dedicated bloggers.

I was in heaven.

I mean, these are the people I turn to when I need a pick-me-up, when I want to find out what's going on around town and when I am searching for a quick break from the day's tasks. And from the looks of it, some of these folks are reading me, too.

I was nervous. Would I be cool enough to roll with this group of people I had admired from afar? Would I fit in? I mean, these folks deconstruct glasses of wine and analyze the differences between braised pork belly and roasted pork belly. They follow local news events, chew them up and spit them out with a side of opinionated sass.

I'm just a chick who writes about her observations, trivial desires and deepest ideals - some of their blogs could eat mine for lunch.

Fortunately these local bloggers are just as kind as they are brilliant.

Julie and I hugged as soon as we saw each other. She blogs about what I wish I could - food. She is just as savory and sweet as her writing (and so is The Boyfriend, Terry)... Follow this one- wine me, dine me (in cincinnati) is the perfect outlet for folks who eat, sleep, and drink food. Julie and I are trying to rally the troops for a very unique visit to the Creation Museum - a trip that I think calls for my pink wig...

WestEnder of Clark Street Blog and I have been following each other for quite a while. He's got a magnifying glass on society in Cincinnati. I enjoy his witty perspective on Simon Leis' arsenal, local politics and other interesting comings and goings. I can't wait to see what WestEnder writes about next...

Matt and I became acquainted a while back after he left a comment on my blog about Nada. He liked a pic I snapped of a completely devoured bowl of guacamole at Nada and mentioned that he was inspired to recreate the same image. Matt offers beautiful photography on his blog, Die Fledermaus, as well as other charming vignettes about living in Cincinnati.

I hadn't read Brian's blog before, but now I'm anxious to follow - he and I swim in some of the same circles and happen to know some of the same people. Check out Not Really a Book Blog Book Blog for literary suggestions and other observations.

I think Barry is going to become my next best girlfriend. He was the first blogger to greet me as I poured myself a glass of chardonnay, offering a big and beautiful, "Well hello, Darling." Barry is the man behind Queer Cincinnati, and I am looking forward to the next time he and I meet up for a cocktail :)

Our little blog excursion would not have been the same without Bob and Erin, or 5chw4r7z and Don't Call Me Mrs., respectively. These two people are huge supporters of the downtown movement, something that I absolutely love. But our conversation took a turn and I discovered they are both natives of Youngstown - the town my dad called home for so many years. I spent a good chunk of my childhood summers in Y-town, and so we dished about Handel's Ice Cream, Pyatt St. Market, the Butler Art Museum and my favorite - the Canfield Fair.

I can already taste the elephant ears and lemon shakes.

Jeff told me he occasionally blogs about food on his site, Permasmirk. He mentioned that bacon was the most perfect food in the world, and that's when I told him about the chocolate/peanut butter/bacon cake I made for Freeman. That's when Jeff told me he loved me. Who knew there were so many men out there lusting after bacon??

I also really enjoyed talking to Debba of Girlfriendology. She's trying to chronicle When Harry Met Sally-type interviews of girlfriends. Debba and I both agreed that men come and go, but girlfriends are here to stay.

There were so many other folks whom I met and briefly spoke with, including Michelle at My Wine Education, Shannan at Mommy Bits, and Juliet at Juliet & Juliette. There were also many many people I regret not meeting... and so I am anxious for Cincinnati's next blogger convention!


5chw4r7z said...

It was a pleasure meeting you also, I'm glad not everyone was disappointed when they met me :-D

LMJ said...

The blogger event sounds great! I've been checking out the others blogs and many of them are very entertaining!! Thanks for the links.

WestEnder said...

It was definitely a good time. I wish I had circulated more but then again perhaps it's a quality vs. quantity thing.

(btw, you do realize you're kind of violating blog protocol by using my non-blog identity, eh?)

Brian Who Cooks said...

Kate... Katey... K...

It was a pleasure meeting you, all bubbles and adorableness. Thanks for the lean to to the NRABB2.

For me, this event wasn't so much a chance to get to know folks. I'll admit that I went in a professional frame of mind but once I started talking with folks, I ditched that mindset and talked all 'bout me. In the end, I met interesting folks from different backgrounds and different viewpoints of what we make of the Queen City. Again, thanks to all and I hope y'all let me join in your reindeer games in the future.

Brian Who Cooks said...

PS I need to find a different word for "a collective of humans" that isn't folks.

Jeregano said...

That sounds like a great time.

And I would like it to be known that I am not ashamed to admit I am a man who lust passionatly after bacon.

Kate The Great said...

LW- You will have to come to the next event! You would have really enjoyed it!

WE- Oy vey... sorry for my faux pas. I have since made the appropriate changes! I would hate to break the Blogger Code!

B- I LURV the word Folks. I've had two anchors (two we spoke of, btw) who eradicated it from my scripts when I came to Cincinnati. Folks was a VERY accepted word in Lexington.

Now that I've retired from tee vee, I use it all the time!

J- I knew you'd love bacon. It's just the Kentucky way, right?!