Friday, July 18, 2008


I logged in to and discovered I had a new "wink" from a guy in Cincinnati.

He looked cute, so I decided to investigate further and check out his profile. The writing was full of misspellings and poor word choices, but I tried to look beyond the errors and appreciate the positives he had to offer.

Then I noticed the following:

"I really do not like to travel, unless it is to a mjor tennis tournament. I do not like to fly. I went to London*, a couple of years ago to Wimbledon. I was the best trip of my life!" (The misspellings are his).

Here's what my profile has to say about travel:

"I love exploring new places and already have a good collection of passport stamps. I am adventurous whether I am circling the globe or inside the I-275 loop."

What exactly is the connection this guy saw to inspire his wink?

Kind of funny - considering I am exploring flight estimates for travel to Iceland, Thailand, Argentina and Czech Republic as I type this post.

Add to the fact that this guy says he doesn't drink alcohol and that he's hooked on Pepsi - and I just know this would never work.

I mean, c'mon. No love for the Coke Zero?

Not a chance.

*He does get props for enjoying one of my favorite cities in the world - but still, no go.


spydrz said...

Gotta stay away from the Pepsi people...they're militant.

Julie said...

Not interested in travel and "I don't like to read" are big dealbreakers in my book.

T and I just got a great deal on Paris and Munich via Expedia. Got a great deal last year on Paris through them too-- better than Travelzoo, etc. Just have to fly out of DAY.

I am such an enabler, aren't I?

Chris F. said...

I enjoy traveling as of the past few years, I've not done it much. I'm aiming at taking a trip to either California or London within the next year or so.

I am mostly attracted to the extroverts given that I'm an introvert. But I believe we would still need to have some common interests. Such as I write the songs, she sings them, I produce movies, and she acts in them, etc...

Denae said...

Haha. Well, hon way to go trying to get past the spelling errors but..NEXT! You've gotta have your life travel partner. Luv u.

Angela said...

Here's what you have to remember. Most guys are only looking at your photo... they're not even paying attention to your profile. He saw you are beautiful and he winked. His loss!

WestEnder said...

This man does not represent all tennis fans. I just want to point that out.