Thursday, July 31, 2008

Match Point

I am struggling with some major insomnia, so I thought I'd give my weekly perusal.

And though it's late and my wit is slow, I have to say I'm unimpressed by some of the handles out there.


There are others out there that make me want to know more:


Note: It is best advised you leave sex, drugs or alcohol out of your profile username. There is one exception to this rule - if you can do something classy with wine, then go for it. But do not, I repeat DO NOT allude to your favorite sex positions, prowess or anything else that could be misconstrued as cheesy.

I DO, however, suggest you give a preview of something important in your life - whether it be travel, modesty, the outdoors or passion for life.

PS- What's up with the dumb chicks who create profiles and then somehow get them featured in the men's section?

(10:29 am - I just realized I left the last four words off the above sentence when I posted last night. Oy vey - Like I said, I was struggling w/insomnia!)


The Boyfriend said...

Hi, Kate. This is Terry (as in Julie and Terry...from the blogger convention last week).

I have wicked insomnia, too. In fact, it's 4 a.m., and I'm not a bit sleepy. I tend to have insomnia a lot during the summertime, and I always have insomnia on nights before I travel. I'm headed to New York in a few hours; Julie comes up on Friday.

I know the whole money-worries thing far too well. I've been worried a lot lately about the future of the economy...about my own retirement fund (rapidly dwindling because of the market) and other money-related things. As I've said for years, the only thing I know about money is that I don't have enough of it. The personal financial crises usually blow over. Of course, until it does blow over, words of encouragement don't help. Hang tough.

Be sure while you're in DC to visit DuPont Circle and Kramerbooks. A meal at After Words (the restaurant inside the bookstore) is--for price vs. quality--one of the best deals you'll ever find. They also have a killer bartender. For Julie and me, the place has a starred entry in our Hall of Fame.

The next time you fight the food-odor-on-the-hands thing, be sure to wash your hands first with soap and cold water (warm or hot water causes the pores to open up and allows the odors to seep into the skin). Then rub your hands really well with lemon juice. (One of my first jobs required my peeling, slicing, and chopping a 25-pound bag of onions each week. The voice of experience here.)

As for the user names, I think I saw several of those you listed on MSNBC's Predator.

I think I'll try to get some sleep now.

Take care, Kate. And have an awesome time in DC.


5chw4r7z said...

Stevarino... thats the guy for you! LMAO. I picturing an over the hill yuppie with his collar turned up and throwing tons of thumbs ups around.

LMJ said...

I'm going to vote for "Lifeisincredible" - that's a great outlook on things!

Also, "OAKLEYbooks" might be someone you've already seen around town!

I'd say stay away from the following: "Wannakissme69" & "mrcandyman", sounds a little freaky to me!

Anonymous said...

I second "The Boyfriend" on Afterwords -- that was one of my favorite happy hour spots when I lived in DC. It's a great atmosphere.

As for the user handles -- I remember being hit on by a guy who looked like the Gimli from Lord of the Rings. His username was something like RedHotforU (he had red hair) and his opening line was. "Hey Beautiful, let me buy you a steak!"

I can't complain too much though. I ended up meeting my soon-to-be husband on there.

Denae said...

I must be shallow. When I used to date through Match I'd always check the guy's pictures first. Then, if he had a stupid stage name, I'd deal with it. HOWEVER the name had anything to do with sex or alcohol - as you mentioned - I moved on. Wannakickit2nite? NO.