Thursday, July 24, 2008

Worlds Converging

Just a quick note to say I hope to post about something interesting/funny/insert adjective here this evening.

Perhaps I will come up with a nugget after tonight's Blogger Meetup at the Cincinnati Mercantile Building. I've never been to a blogger meet-and-greet before, but I caught wind of this and thought it would be nifty to go and network with the city's best and most-read bloggers!

I'm hoping to learn something or, at the very least, make some new friends whom I can enjoy in person!



Denae said...

hiya kate! please let us know how the blogger meeting went tonight. i am so curious about how this works! also have fun in HtLa

Barry Floore said...

well well well... look what i found.

hello darling :-)

Kate The Great said...

D- it was awesome! I met so many local bloggers and had a blast! I will have to tell you more about it soon...

B- Hello darling, to you, too! It was fantastic meeting you last night... we have to get the bloggers out and play again sometime soon!

ShannanB said...

It was great meeting you last night. I am def. up for that glass of wine.

PS> You know Denae??? I used to work with her when she was at 12.

Brian Who Cooks said...

Room enough for me?

PS Did you talk to Cammy yet?

Julie said...

*waves to B* O hai!

*waves to K* O hai to you too! So nice meeting you and drinking with you and all that. Creation museum, ahoy!

Barry Floore said...

I think this sounds like a really fun idea... I think we should have a blogger's field trip... before I start school. We should meet up at Rock Bottom for some beers and/or cocktails and then head down to the Creation Museum together.