Friday, July 18, 2008

Mental Vacation

In the interest of staying focused at the office, I am allowing myself to take a five minute break, and dream a little bit about some of the realistic places (and a couple stretches) I am eying for getaway destinations in '08.

Washington, D.C.
Okay, this one is actually a business trip next month, but I fully intend on taking advantage of the company dime to see the nation's capitol - a city I haven't yet explored. Any suggestions from the Peanut Gallery? I'll be staying in Old Town Alexandria, but am ready to hop on the Metro to get around inside the Beltway.

B.B. King. Beale Street. Elvis. What more could I say about this sultry, steamy, Southern city? I've long had the River City on my radar... I think it's time to hit the road.

I love Chi-Town. Haven't been since I was a little girl, but the fam did all the traditional Chicago things like see Buckingham Fountain, the Science and Industry Museum (loved the coal mine) and Marshall Fields (moment of silence, please). Time to explore Chicago's more grown-up offerings, though I'd also like to take a swing by Cinner's for a taste of home.

The Beaches of South Carolina
My sister and BIL live in Atlanta, and I am so jazzed about a trip to the ATL next weekend. Planning for the journey led me to think about maybe heading to SC for a long weekend in November. What a great time of year to get away from the colder temps and frigid winds of the Queen City.

Las Vegas
Okay, this one is a little more far-fetched, but with the right planning (I could dip into my frequent flyer points) anything is possible, right? Haven't seen the Strip in three years, and I am dying for a fix.

San Francisco
Also a bit of a reach, though I am exploring a trip out West to see D Money and am thinking about flying through Golden Gate Country as a way to explore the Bay. I'll have to ask the ladies at BlogHer what they think about SF.

Just a few places my brain dreams about from time to time... I've discovered there is no cure for my Wanderlust - it's only sated by the careful planning and execution of an out-of-town jaunt.


Julie said...

DC I can help you with. DM me on Twitter to let me know where you're staying in Old Town. All of the museums are free (I loved the National Portrait Museum and the Holocaust Memorial), Vietnam Memorial is terribly moving. DuPont Circle is a great neighborhood-- loved Afterwords (attached to the bookstore where Monica Lewinsky bought Clinton "Vox", about phone sex-- the restaurant is yum and inexpensive)and Jaleo (several locations).

olr said...

memphis is effiing awesome

graceland a must go

beale street - princess carriage ride

b-b effing q

go go go !!

Denae said...

Boring compared to the list you've already come up with by Chattanooga is fun for a little get-away on a weekend.

The Notorious N.A.T said...

HEY - I get back from Barcelona on the 10th but I definitely want to see you when you are here. We'll have to do dinner or something! Can't wait to see you.

WestEnder said...

Chattanooga has a great aquarium. And you can see the flying saucer house on Signal Mtn.

DC: The Corcoran Art Museum was my favorite, if art is yer thang. If you like history visit Mt. Vernon and take a tour. You might like walking around Georgetown & Adams-Morgan. You will not like trying to park there, though.