Friday, July 04, 2008

The Plight of the Single Girl

There are many, really.

But I won't go into all the chores and obligations that come with being minus "plus 1."

I will, however, tell you I decided to get back on that ol' saddle that is called

The move comes after I had cocktails with a girlfriend of mine. She is stunningly beautiful, very creative and single handedly saves girls living in several African villages. She jet sets around the world monthly and she volunteers when she's able to make it back to American soil.

In short, she's a winner.

And she has trouble finding a good man, too.

We were running down the facets of being 30-something and single and that's when she asked me if I was on Match.

"Well, sure. But I gave that up a long time ago."

Yes, I gave it up after the only men who showed interest were the kinds of guys who run their fingers through their mullet coif while cruising around town in their T Top Trans Am.

I'm. Not. Kidding.

And so that's why I decided to burn any hopes that Match would ignite my love life.

But I guess everyone and everything deserves a second chance...

We'll see how this works out this time around.


Denae said...

Yay for Match. You and I both know a few peeps who found their other half online. Plus, if you have certain standards - and I know you do - you can practically read their resume before you get in touch. Keep us updated sweetheart and don't be afraid to be the first to initiate contact. I did that and met some great guys.

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Good for you. Its always good for stories if nothing else. I watched a good movie yesterday and it reminded me a lot of ME not too long ago - it's called "Broken English" and it even came complete with a Frenchman at the end. Can't wait to hear who you meet next!!!