Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This Is Why I'm Hot: Reason #273

...Because I'm anal about grammar.

I've talked about the awesome Grammar Girl podcast - a true sign I am a) extreme wordsmith and b) extreme dork.

Today I ask the Peanut Gallery to consider two problems.

1) Which is correct:

Each of us has

Each of us have

2) Is there an easy rule to help me determine when I should write

July 13th

as opposed to

July 13

Any contributions, suggestions or reference sites are welcome (including from my honorary editor, Double Platinum).


WestEnder said...

My understanding is that "each" is singular so it goes with "has."

Don't know about the date.

Becky said...

According to my BFF, the AP Stylebook, "each" takes a singular verb (has); and dates should always just be the number (13)...