Friday, September 01, 2006


My closet just got a little fuller thanks to three gorgeous pairs of shoes:
Odell 3 (Bronze Snake) by Enzo Angiolini
I thought this copper colored shoe would be perfect to wear when going out. I've got an awesome beaded handbag that will be perfect. Copper is such a great color to take a girl through Autumn...

Rowena by BCBGirls
I really don't care whether the cork heel is on the way out. The shoe is dynamite and there are still a few weeks left of Summer.

I can't find the third pair to show you. It's a silver mid-heel I'll be wearing in a wedding in four weeks

I just can't decide what to wear out when I tear up Lexington tonight.

My feet haven't looked this hot since I bought those Guess stillettos...

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