Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I've been to My Fair Lexington twice in the past five days.

Quite a comeback since the last time I visited was way back in April in Keeneland.

Friday was for a night out with Bling, fresh out of her first dating foray since the divorce. Her X had the little boy for the week so Bling wanted to wade in the baby pool of Lexington's bar scene.
We stopped through haunts that weren't really mine when I lived in Lex Vegas. Merrick Inn. Oscars. Harry's at Hamburg. I was surprised to see how dead quiet Lexington was on a Friday night, but I suppose things may have been different at my old favorites like McCarthy's, Lynaugh's and Gambino's.

I guess people in my age group don't go out anymore? What is this world coming to.

I caught up with GOP Big Wig at Lexington's most scenic Starbucks (the people are so pretty in Chevy Chase) before heading up I-75 to the Buckeye State.

Spent Saturday night sitting solo at a bar and I survived. D Money has said she does it once in a while and so I thought I'd give it a try. The night wasn't supposed to be that way, but some plans fizzled out and all I really wanted to do was watch the Notre Dame Georgia Tech game. So to Mulligan's in Hyde Park I went, and I learned an important lesson - a pretty girl can survive just fine at a bar all by her lonesome.

I'm not afraid of going to movie theatres, museums and other spots by myself, but I've always been apprehensive of restaurants and bars. It's really not as bad as I thought. And suggestion: try the chicken chili. It really hit the spot.


If my feet could talk, they'd be yelling every dirty word in the book at me. I went on a three and a half hour long walk Sunday - in brand new shoes. I'm trying to break in a pair of those hip Merrell anti-tennis shoes for my trip overseas. I don't want to be one of those Americans with the modern day equiv. of puffy Reebok high-tops, so I'm opting for something a little subdued.

Well, my heels are all cut up and blistered now, and I really don't like it.

I guess it's better to hurt here than in the streets of London.


Sunday night/Monday morning was all about a cheesecake I made from scratch, complete with a brand new, homemade blueberry topping. Don't ask for the recipe because I made it up - but I could probably reproduce it if I had to.

I really had no idea Labor Day was such an eating holiday. I know about the dangers of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and even Halloween. But Labor Day?

I went back to Lex Monday afternoon to see The Bride and my Honorary Big Sis for a bridal shower and I guess the rest of Ohio went with me. The 1.25 hour drive back to Cincinnati took me three hours only because every other Buckeye was traveling on the two lane stretch that goes between Sadieville and Williamstown. I got checked out by a couple truckers and amused my share of drivers by breakin' it down in my car to stay awake.

I can bust a move in the strangest of places. There was this one time when I was dancing in the melee that pours out of the Commonwealth Stadium parking lot... but that's another story for another time.

Hopefully all the Ohioans won't be coming to Lexington with me the three other times I'll be visiting town before October.



The ladies of the Junior League are alive and well. I swear - I still kind of feel like I'm infiltrating a secret club when I go to the meetings. When do we get to learn about the handshake? When will they find out I used to be wild? What if they find out I'm not rich?

I'm really getting excited about some good opportunities coming up to help several worthy outreach projects. I think I've spent enough time letting everybody else step up and do stuff for the community. It's time I take some responsibility and give back what I can.


Anyone want a free ticket to see a Broadway show? I'm going to see The Light in the Piazza tonight and my date isn't firm...

Oh, I can already hear the jokes for that one.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

Kate! I live right across the street from the CC Starbucks - I wish I would have known, Vee and I were lounging on the couch and it would have been fun to see you!

Kate The Great said...

Oh bummer! What a great location. I lived above the lamp shop at the end of Clay (on Main Street across from where NB-C works) before I moved north of the Mason Dixon line.

I'll bet you get to see lots of, um, good merchandise walking in and out of the 'bucks from time to time!

I will be in Lex three more times before October (lots of wedding stuff) so we'll definitely have to catch up!

Denae said...

I cannot wait to see the new kicks. Good idea about breaking them in before London. My cousin said to bring a backpack and sleeping bag for the hostels. I bought a fleece one (very compact) at Wally World for $9.99. It rolls up and you can just tie it to your pack. Luv you!