Tuesday, September 12, 2006

London Calling

I am sooo missing my Soul Sister.

At 3 am this morning I was thinking about my D-Money, the one best friend God gives you each lifetime. As I headed in to work, I thought about how she was probably standing in some neverending line at Gatwick, passport with the cute pink, leather cover (I love mine, D!) whipped out and at the ready for all the questions that come at Customs. What are you visiting for? Are you bringing in any valuables? Do you have any plants or organic matter?

D-Money jetted off for her maiden voyage across the pond last night, with her eyes set on the beautiful prize of London. D is studying abroad at the University of Westminster to get her masters in International Broadcasting. I was a big supporter of this adventure as I regard my failing to study abroad as one of the biggest regrets of my life.

My love of adventure started out at a young age. I was the kid who would swim away from dad in the hotel pool before I could walk. I dove head first off the high dive before I was ten. My parents call me a "doorbell ringer" and I guess that means I've got a dash of wanderlust and guts mixed in my genetic code. Unfortunately I never got up the cojones to take flight and spend a semester practicing my Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, c'est soir?. Just hearing my sis The Bridge talk about Amsterdam makes me jealous.

But D-Money has decided to ring some bells in her old age (yeah, um, I've got three years on her) to put work on hold for some learning (and maybe some loving?) in London.

I'm going to really miss seeing D.

Our separation started in March, when I was bumped to a dayside shift. We weren't able to take our afternoon walks (usually to the corner bar) and trips to the bookstore like we used to. Then D left Cincinnati for a brief respite in Columbus. Three months of hanging out in the Capital to bide time before the broad went abroad.

And so now she is.

D and I are quite a pair. I'm the positive one who's always good for an upbeat word or some self deprecating jokes. D is the ballsy one, my henchwoman, who sticks up for me and helps me realize that while yes, there are some assholes out there, there IS some great dude out there just waiting for me to come along. All the ones who don't like me are gay, right D?

D and I have conquered Vegas and Boston MA, and in about five weeks we'll be taking on Londontown. Southern Son is coming along so I'm sure that will bring on an added venture with its share of pub crawling.

I'm counting the days, D.

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