Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lady Bountiful

I so wish I could be a philanthropist and just hand out money like the old guy running through the streets in Cocoon, but my financial situation has pretty much relegated me to looking after only my own financial responsibilities.

So dropping $128 on somebody else's utility bill isn't really all that good in my 'hood.

I went by the neighborhood loan shark check cashing store to pay the good people at the utility company named after that very bad school with that very bad basketball team.

Sorry. I just had a UK moment.


I walked in to drop a wad of cash Mafia style so the lights wouldn't go out in my little hovel, and I got back to my car to make a notation on said bill when I realized WHAT? the bill was in somebody elses name.

No Kate the Great on the bill. Instead, it was made out to a Suzy Q. Monroe. As in the same Suzy Q. who got evicted from the upstairs apartment a month and a half ago. Yeah, and her bill was like 350 bucks to my paltry $128.


I was crushed. How do I explain to the good people at the very bad utility company that Oh Gee. I paid you all this money on the wrong account and I really want all that cash credited to Miss Kate the Great's account? I mean, wouldn't these people think I'm a shyster scamming for some free electricity?


Brian in Customer Service was totally cool about the whole fiasco and made sure that it would all be good and I'd be able to use my gas range for many many more days to come.

Crisis averted.
*** *** *** *** ***
I don't know why but I bit off all my nails while watching Spanglish yesterday (good flick despite all the naysayers' complaints). The nailbiting isn't so good, but it's a habit I grapple yeah, I said grapple with from time to time. I don't really know whether it has a latent connection to my nerves, but there's really nothing on my radar to be nervous about anyway...
*** *** *** *** ***
Somebody who likes it when I have long nails: John. He and I are meeting up for dinner tomorrow night. I haven't seen him since we decided to part as friends in June. That's the one thing I like about Johnny G: he and I are still able to be good friends even though we decided our relationship wasn't working the way we wanted it to. I don't know if that speaks volumes about the kind of guy John is (and I suppose, by proxy, the kind of person I am) or whether it has to do with maturity.

I especially think it's cool that John says "Oh, Katy-Kate. You'll always be spectacular to me."

A guy who can compliment an ex-girlfriend is a real gem.
*** *** *** *** ***
And now to the thing I'm most excited about:

The countdown has officially started.

I leave for London, England one month from today. Oh yeah... Southern Son is coming along, too.

Should be an awesome trip.


NB-C said...

I once double paid on my cable bill...they didn;t refund the extra cash...I hate Insight

t2ed said...

I'm trying that whole I paid someone else's bill trick later this month.

For your travelling music I suggest London Calling (The Clash), Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon), West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys and YES I'm a little ashamed to know that off the top of my head) and finally Foggy London Town (the Gershwins).

I'm sure there are others but I'm very jealous of your impending pond hopping.

Jeregano said...

That is really great about the energy company. I haven't had to deal with them aside from making payments since the change over but I did run into some problems with Cinergy when I first moved to Cincy.

I love Spanglish. (Don't tell my guy friends I might have my membership in man club revoked)

A trip to London, that sounds like a ton of fun.

Kate The Great said...

N- Insight is the devil. I actually cancelled my cable (since when have you heard of a television news producer living without cable) because I was watching tv. The library loves me so much more for it...

T- yes... I am already immersing myself in everything Anglo. I am reading P. Cornwell's book on Jack the Ripper, I just finished the movie "From Hell" and my Scissor Sisters CD is getting some extra love.

I really do need a CD of all the UK related songs... God, the Beatles better be on there.

J- Yeah. For being The Man, Duke Energy does alright by me. Other than that damn name. And yes, the trip to London will be royal...

olr said...

Grapples are awesome...things you're grappling with, not so much.