Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sometimes it feels good to get rid of life's clutter.

You know - tossing out email addresses belonging to people who used to send you those crappy forwards, like, four years ago. Getting rid of ex boyfriends' phone numbers. Their work phone, their cell phone, their work cell phone.

All that simplicity can help a girl keep her head on straight so she doesn't combust when pouring over something like 200 email addresses to find the one that matters. It sucks when your virtual address book is cluttered with the names of people you used to have bowls of soup with, people who used to make you cry, people who used to pump you for information. People who haven't spoken, written, whispered a word to you in two years.

Those people don't really matter in the present.

Sometimes, they didn't really matter in the past.

Now if I could just work on the clutter in my kitchen...


Me! said...

I did the same thing not long ago. I have pages and pages of email addresses, sometimes I can't even remember who they were. But where would we be now without electronic organizers? Do people even have written address books anymore?

The Notorious N.A.T said...

I spent 15 minutes this morning making a concerted effort to clean up my desk at work. Let me tell you I feel like a new woman. I feel so accomplished - and like I've achieved something.

Oh the small things...