Sunday, September 26, 2004

13 Going On 30

This chick flick made me think today.

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There I was, picking the kernels of corn out of my braces-straight teeth, watching one of my favorite actresses try her hand at the big screen... when the movie posed a question to me:

If you got a one-time do over, would you do it?

There are the obvious moments I have in the past that could merit a makeover:

the time I got arrested
the day I stole a box of Girl Scout cookies from the garage of our troop cookie distributor (who just happened to be my mom)
the time I dated a really, really bad guy

and then there are the not so significant occasions that are just as instrumental in making up the person that I am today:

the day in 5th grade I auditioned for Select Chorus
the day I wrote my first controversial column in the school paper
the day I was confirmed

One need to look no farther than Newton's Third Law of Physics to realize that every action has a consequence... and that all those decisions & consequences add up like little grains of sand on a beach.

Some beaches are big tourist attractions with miles and miles of soft sand.

Some are more reclusive, littered with pebbles, rocks and boulders.

Still others are a perfect combination of the two... with wellworn paths leading to the spots to sun in... and off beat tracts that can only be appreciated by someone who respects the complicated. They're all natural treasures, little gifts from God, made just the way he wanted them to be.

Just like me.

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Michael Hickerson said...

Looking back, I wonder how different life would be if I did go back and change one thing--even if it was minor. Heaven knows, I've had a lot of screw-ups and dumb-ass things happen to me that I'd love to change, but for better or worse, they'd made me the person I am today. Whether that's good or bad, well, I am not gonna open that door...LOL.

Also, your Wildcats did well against Florida the other day. The final score doesn't indicate how close Kentucky hung around in that game.