Thursday, September 09, 2004

T Minus 43 Hours & Counting...

Viva Las Vegas, Baby!!!

I am SO ready for my trip, folks. This gal hasn't been somewhere fun in a long, long time... and so I'm super pumped for my trip to Sin City. Don't know so much about the sinning part, but you know what they say... "What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas." !!

I'm staying here Saturday night, and here Sunday night. My plan is to lay out by the pool all day long, maybe fit a massage in somewhere, do some Strip walking and then dance my booty off at night. I've never been to a club in a big city so it should be pretty cool... and I've even met a few people off of some Vegas club websites... so there are fun people to meet up with once we get there.

No real segue to write here... so I'll jump right in.

My other obsession lately is knitting.

Not in the bathtub, but in other comfortable spots, like my bed and such. I'm working on two scarves, one is hot pink and has all these little fuzzy, flashy pieces in it... another is a bit more subdued, green and very soft.

I know this post is kind of lame... nothing to say and really subpar writing but I am so tired and distracted by my trip! Maybe I'll get creative later today.

Cheers :)


Michael Hickerson said...

Strip that like strip poker?

If so, can I play too? ;-)

Kate The Great said...

I just realized I can reply to these comments!

I don't know if you can play... what happens if YOU lose?


Michael Hickerson said...

Well, if you lose the mob does something really horrible to you.

Like making you watch Godfather, Part 3....